The Trumpet Herald

Giving the trumpet a certain sound.

The Trumpet Herald is a commentary on certain current events in the light of inspired prophecy.

Issue monthTopic headings
July 2015
Liberal Academic Says America's Founding Document Outmoded, Obama admits that climate change will be in Obamatrade, Castro: Pope Francis So Impressive I Might Return to Church
June 2015
Spiritual Formation is Spiritualism, Spiritualism is a Deception from Satan, Spiritualism is one of the Threefold Union, What theology does the Emerging Church movement support? A theology of Satan.
May 2015
Spiritual Formation In Adventism, Omega Emerging video series, The One Project, Alex Bryan, Author of The Green Cord Dream
December 2012 (PDF)
Scope of Sandy's devastation widens, Small quake rattles NJ towns in wake of Sandy, Wintry storm brings new misery to Northeast, Homeowners Issue Warnings to Looters Following Superstorm Sandy
November 2012 (PDF)
Pew's Shocking Find: The U.S. Has Become More Religiously Intolerant & Socially Hostile, State Department officer killed in attack on US Consulate in Libya
October 2012 (PDF)
Armada of British naval power massing in the Gulf as Israel prepares an Iran strike, Al Qaeda in Yemen urges Muslims to kill U.S. diplomats
September 2012 (PDF)
The "Batman" Shootings: Something is Wrong, Shootings in Sikh temple and Arizona: Which crime is worse?
August 2012 (PDF)
Churches Stand Together, "Under God Indivisible" Conference, Intense Storms Called a "Derecho" Slam 700 Miles of the US
July 2012 (PDF)
The World at War, Schultz on Walker, Governor Walker's Victory
February 2011
Threat of US Municipal Default, The Pope on the Big Bang Theory, Pope to Hold Peace Summit
January 2011
Archbishop Keeps Trying on Ecumenism, Second Coming Time Predicted, Obscenities In Prime Time
December 2010
Indonesian Tsunami & Volcano, U.S. Election – Voter Frustration?, California Earthquake Warning
November 2010
Pope Attempts History Revision, Lee Hamilton Sees More Trouble Ahead, Canadian Court Voids Prostitution Laws
October 2010
Major flood in Pakistan, Gay Lutheran Pastors accepted, Physicist dismisses God as Creator, Defending California Proposition 8
September 2010
World grain supply threatened, Fire and flood, Marriage ruling in California
August 2010
Presbyterian Gay Clergy, Pornography -- 37% of total web pages, Paganism at Stonehenge
July 2010
Oil spill in Gulf of Mexico, Roman Catholic leadership mindset, Leadership Mindset in Israel
June 2010
Iceland volcano, Labor union factor in Greece, Christian preacher arrested in England
May 2010
Push for Sunday in Europe, Rising National Debt, Large earthquakes continue
April 2010
Earthquake in Chili, Gay Protest Over Communion, Experts on dinosaur demise
March 2010
Earthquake in Haiti, Fidelity to the Magisterium, Amnesty for Home Schoolers
February 2010
Security threats, Archbishop: Catholicism defends Europe, D.C. Mayor to sign gay marriage bill in a church, Diseases from animals to humans
January 2010
German Court: Obey Sunday Law, Religious Coalition: Civil Disobedience, Episcopal Lesbian Bishop-elect
December 2009
Hate Crime Law Enacted, Catholic Bishops and Health Insurance, TV Violence Against Women
November 2009
Southeast Asia Natural Disasters, Unemployment Continues Rising, Atheist Movie Ridicules Christianity, Catholic Bishops on Health Care
October 2009
Resources Running Out, California Fires, Canadian Hate Speech Law Unconstitutional
September 2009
Christian Coalition 2.0?, The Vatican and Harry Potter, Blasphemy Law In Ireland
August 2009
Michael Jackson Memorial, Papal Encyclical, Massachusetts Sues the U.S.
July 2009
Disaster Risk Increasing, Economic Recovery? Gay Pride Month
June 2009
Swine Flu, Gay Marriage Advances, Fires in Santa Barbara
May 2009
Violent Crime Onslaught, Islamic-Christian Virgin Mary Celebration, Homosexual Rights vs. Conscience
April 2009
Sunday Law in Europe? Bad Economic News, Economics Stress European Union
March 2009
Vatican divorces Italy, Fires in Australia, Fatal Job-loss Stress, Parents Interrogated
February 2009
Porn "Industry" Bailout Requested, War in Gaza, Earthquakes at Yellowstone, Natural Disasters In 2008
January 2009
Terrorism In Mumbai, Corruption In Illinois Government, Atheism and Liberty
December 2008
Marriage Amendments, President-elect Obama and Abortion, Catholic and Muslim Scholars Meet
November 2008
Economic Turmoil, Homosexual Marriage in Connecticut, China Tainted Milk Scandal
October 2008
More Hurricanes, Mortgage Troubles Worsen, Catholics, Politicians, and Abortion
September 2008
Pope Calls for Unity, War in Georgia, Credit Union Negative Equity
August 2008
California Burns, Floods In U.S. Midwest, Neopaganism Growing, Unemployment Grows
July 2008
Violence on TV, Farewell, Fair Weather, California Supreme Court on Same-sex Marriage
June 2008
Myanmar Hit By Cyclone, Wheat Stocks Diminishing, Factory Farming of Animal Products
May 2008
The Pope on the Law of God, Bush: Catholic Church the Rock, Bush sees God in Pope's Eyes, Roman Catholic Primacy, Labor Leader's Plans, Global Warming and Disease
April 2008
Bank Failure Predicted, Largest USA Beef Recall, Contaminated US Drinking Water, Conference Probes Questions of Life
March 2008
Economic Slide, Uncertainty About Future Hurricanes, College Endowments, Christians Persecuted in India
February 2008
New Book Promoting Evolution, Weather Records Broken in 2007, World Food Stocks Dwindling
January 2008
Catholic-Baptist Dialog, TV and Video Game Violence Damaging Children, Relief from Pergatory, Natural Disasters More Frequent
December 2007
California Wild Fires, Sexual "Equality", Pope Receives Saudi King, Mennonites
November 2007
Attempting to Create Life, Muslim Peace Letter, Non-Christian Americans
October 2007
Pope Promotes Sunday, Adverse Natural Events, Infectious Disease Spreading, Homosexual TV Content
September 2007
Concerned About Papal Proclamation?, President May Veto Hate Crime Bill, Financial Market Fears, Book of Faith Initiative
August 2007
Wildfires in US West, The One True Church?, Disappearing Birds, Untreatable TB?, Flooding in Southern Plains
July 2007
Bush Meets with the Pope, FBI Crime Report, British Embryo Research
June 2007
Nature's Fury, OxyContin Deception, Militant Islam, Catholic Power, and Freedom
May 2007
Massacre in Virginia, The Pope on Sunday Observance, Invasive Internet surveillance
April 2007
Benedict XVI On Sunday Significance, Tornadoes in Alabama, $990 Million for TV Upgrades, Catholic Cardinal Allows Gay Masses
March 2007
Ten Commandments Commission and NATO, Canadian Political Scientist on Churches, Bird Flu found in England, Florida Tornado
February 2007
Iran Claims Mahdi Coming Soon, Unstable Weather in 2006, Disaster Predicted for 2007
January 2007
The Pope on Religious Freedom, Continuing Violence in Iraq, Cows and Environmental Damage
December 2006
Human Misery, Human-Cow Embryos, Sunday "Blue Laws"
November 2006
Nuclear North Korea, Iraq Violence Flares, Epigenetics – Chemicals and Disease
October 2006
Preparing a People, Pope "Sorry", The Challenge of Iran
September 2006
War in Lebanon-Cease Fire, Volcano in Ecuador, Bombing Plot Foiled, Methodists Join on Justification
August 2006
War in Lebanon, Indonesian Earthquake and Tsunami, Gay Pride in Jerusalem
July 2006
Prostitution and the World Cup Games, Pope on Unity Under Peter, Anglican Bishop on Homosexuality
June 2006
Goals of the Christian Right, Vatican Astronomer on Creationism, The DaVinci Code
May 2006
Tornadoes Increasing, Climate Change, Christian Churches Together
April 2006
Ten Commandments Television Special, Netherlands Institutional Immorality, Wild Fires in Texas, Catholic TV Network Planned
March 2006
Muslim Cartoon Strife, Philippine Mudslide, Ten Commandments Day
February 2006
Iranian “Divine Mission?”, Justice Sunday III, New President of Bolivia
January 2006
Pope on Catholic Politicians, National ID, Methodist-Catholic Dialog, Top 10 Religious News Items in 2005
December 2005
US Presses Israel on Vatican Agreement, Ten Commandments Day, Pat Robertson Warns Dover
November 2005
Earthquake in Pakistan, Another Hurricane, Bird Flu Threat Continues, Promised Pensions Fail
October 2005
Hurricane Katrina, Potential Flu Pandemic, Polar Ice Melting, Oral Sex Among Teens
September 2005
Justice Sunday II, Religious Belief in England, Creating Life from Scratch, Bird Flu Spreads in Russia
August 2005
London Terrorist Attacks, Supreme Court Vacancy, Cohabitation Replacing Dating
July 2005
EU Constitution Setback, New Pope Promotes Sunday, Rhode Island Sunday Car Sales
June 2005
Combining Animals and Humans, Allstate to End Florida Policies, American to Head "Inquisition" Office
May 2005
The Pope's Funeral, Joseph Ratzinger becomes Benedict XVI, Killing Hail in China
April 2005
Mary Being Restored Among Protestants, Terri Schiavo Case, Court on Gay Marriage in California
March 2005
Deadliest Earthquake Year Since 1556, Condoleezza Rice in Rome, National ID Coming?
February 2005
Tsunami Disaster, Reflecting on 2004, Attempts to Create Life
January 2005
Contaminated Feed In Canada, Day-Specific Credit Card, The Religious Right After the Election, Baby Stolen from Womb - Mother Murdered
December 2004
Faith and Values Coalition, Decline of Sexual Morality, Scalia on Church and State, Stem Cell Research and Ethics
November 2004
USA Presidential Election Nears, Gay Bishop Plans To Stay On, Catholics and Protestants Agreeing
October 2004
Hurricane Season devastation, Terrorist Violence, More US Billionaires This Year
September 2004
al-Sadr Asked Vatican help, Abortion Rationale, New Jersey Governor Resigns
August 2004
Christians and Israel, The Vatican at the U.N., Locust Plague in Africa
July 2004
Bush-Vatican Cooperation on Gay Marriage, Hate Crime Bill Passes US Senate, Cassini Looks for Signs of Life
June 2004
Pope and Bush to Meet, Judicial "Tyranny", Slow Genocide in Sudan
May 2004
Rebellion in One's Heart, Prayer Criticizes JFK, Reporting Made-up News
April 2004
The Madrid Terror Attack, Obesity Deaths Climbing in the USA, Passion Film and Faith
March 2004
Homosexual Marriage Efforts Spread, Religious Pressure on Politics, Cloning in Korea, Train Car Explosion in Iran
February 2004
Downer Cows Banned from Food Supply, Life on Mars?, Earthquake in Iran
January 2004
European Constitution Talks Collapse, Saddam Captured, Kindergarten Violence
December 2003
Homosexual Marriage in Massachusetts, Fire and Ice in California, Ten Commandment Judge Ousted
November 2003
Campaigning for the Ten Commandments, Episcopalians Move Toward Split, Faith Based Initiatives Quietly Advance
October 2003
Hurricane "Season" Continues, Tensions Rise Over Ten Commandment Display, Homosexual Marriage Trend
September 2003
Episcopals Choose Homosexual Bishop, Human-Rabbit Embryo Created, Antiaircraft Missile Threat
August 2003
Court Battle Over Polygamy Coming?, Hermaphrodite Human Embryo Created
July 2003
Hurricane Prediction, homosexual bishop, Speading Disease, Another Harry Potter Book
June 2003
Record Numbers of Tornadoes, Famine in Ethiopia, The Need for Literature
May 2003
A New Disease: SARS, Pope reaffirms Catholic teaching, The war in Iraq
April 2003
A religious president, Proposed increase in DNA testing, The Pope as peace broker
March 2003
Disastrous subway train fire, Nightclub stampede, Churches uniting
February 2003
“Guidance” from the Vatican, Rumors of wars, Canberra assailed by fire
January 2003
A Race to Clone a Human, Battle Against AIDS in Botswana, Trend of Natural Disasters
December 2002
Homeland Security, DeLay on Church-State Separation, Tornado Destruction in Five States
November 2002
Sniper Terror, Disease in Meat, Stock Market and Greed
October 2002
Homosexual Agenda, The New Commandments, President Seeks War Powers
September 2002
Planet in Peril, Man in God's Place, Race Against Disease, The "Asian Brown Cloud"
August 2002
AIDS Pandemic Worsening, Sunday Rest Proposed in Israel, Christian Coalition Expresses Support for Catholic Church
July 2002
Female Slavery in China, Fires In the American West, Safe Sex Classes Ineffective, Weapons of Mass Destruction
June 2002
Suspect Christian Coalition Memo, "Zionist Christianity" Condemned, Clerical Pedophilia
May 2002
Cloning Continues, Catholic U.S. Cardinals Called to Rome, Disease in Elk, Wars and Rumors of Wars
April 2002
A Painful Reality Exposed, Carnage in Israel, Drought and Flood
March 2002
Famine in Southern Africa, Train Disaster in Egypt, Prelate Endorses Violence, Cloning Continues - a Cat and a Womb
February 2002
Poverty, Disease Worsening, Depression Treatment Soars, Pope Meets With Religious Leaders
January 2002
The Threat of Religious Fundamentalism, Creation Is "Groaning", Harry Potter
December 2001
Tools of Destruction, Moral Corruption Increases. Disaster in "lines of travel"
November 2001
Religious War, Disease Outbreaks
October 2001
Man-Made Disaster
September 2001
The Spreading AIDS Epidemic, Bush Seeks Catholic Vote, Violence in France, Cloning Continues
August 2001
President Bush to Meet With the Pope, Economic Slowdown Shows Pivotal US Role, Warning Flag on Cloning Research
July 2001
Pope Calls for Reunion at Kiev Mass, 32 East Ohio Clerics to Defy Rule on Gays, Faith-based Initiative Still Promoted
June 2001
The Blurring Line Between Church and State, More Papal Apologies, Multiplying Disasters
May 2001
President Bush and the Catholic Vote, Slavery Lives, Weather Watch
April 2001
Uncertain Economy, Disease in Animals, Cloning Update, More School Violence
March 2001
Battering the Church-State Wall, Cloning Update, More Earthquakes
February 2001
Confirmation Battle, Ecumenical Update, Another Workplace Shooting, Earthquake in El Salvador
January 2001
Supreme Decision, Mad Cow Disease—Again, Weather Watch
December 2000
Uncertain [election] Outcome, Contaminated Fish, Multiplying Disasters
November 2000
Is God Back?, They Shall Not Cleave to One Another, Natural Disasters Watch
October 2000
Speaking Great Things, Cloning Update, Weather Watch
September 2000
Sabbath in the News; Death on the Great Lines of Travel; Fire, Flood, and Earthquake
August 2000
Ecumenical Update, Mad Cow Disease Again, AIDS in Africa, More Savage Weather
July 2000
Sabbath and Prophecy In the News, School Prayer Decision, Natural Disasters Watch
June 2000
Fatima In the News Again, Fire and Weather
May 2000
Ecumenical Update, Waxing Old Like a Garment, Weather Watch
April 2000
God's Politician, The Power of the Religious Right, Defaming Those Who Keep God's Commandments, More Shooting Rampages
March 2000
Pope to Visit Israel, More Trajedy in Littleton, Weather Watch, More On Transgenic Animals
February 2000
In Such an Hour As Ye Think Not (Y2K), Morality and Technology, Unnatural Weather
January 2000
Religion on the Rise, Church-State News, More School Violence
December 1999
More Ecumenical News, More Shootings, Accidents and Natural Disasters, More News of Killer Beef
November 1999
Validating the Bible, New Catholic "Indulgence Manual", London Train Wreck, Natural Disasters Continue
October 1999
Ecumenical News, Church-State News, Nature's Savagery Rages On
September 1999
Violence in the Land, Weather Watch and Natural Disasters, More on Cloning, Church-State News
August 1999
"Peace and Safety", The "Clone Rangers", Weather Watch
July 1999
American Global Dominance, Ecumenical News, More Unnatural Weather
June 1999
Colorado Massacre, Remembering the "Sabbath", Killer Tornadoes Strike Again
May 1999
Kosovo and the Final Conflict, War on the Wall of Separation, Hurricane Warning
April 1999
Shiite Muslim leader meets with Pope, New Moves by the Religious Right, More Bad News for Meat-Eaters, Amtrak Train Crash, The Ice of March
March 1999
Christian Coalition in Crisis, Labor Unrest Rising, Veneration of Saints
February 1999
Pope Visits St. Louis, Millennium (fears regarding end of), Nature's Continuing Convulsions
January 1999
Pope Offers Indulgences, The Fraying of Democracy and the Resurgent Religious Right, Resurgent Power of Labor Unions
December 1998
Religious Right Loses, Gains in U.S. Mid-term Elections, School Vouchers Win Court Case, More Church-State News, First Winter Storm Slams the Midwest
November 1998
The Crash of '99? The Virgin Mary Again Impersonated by Lying Spirits, Savage Weather Rages On
October 1998
Crisis of Moral Leadership (US President), [US] Stock Market Plunges, Ten Commandments Posting, Hurricane Season Roars On
September 1998
Lord's Day Alliance Sees Growing Sunday Movement, Pestilence (E. coli 0157), Famine (in Sudan), Praying for Heat Relief (Southwest US), Tidal Wave in New Guinea, From El Niño to La Niña
August 1998
Hands Across the Gulf (Lutherans and Catholics), Changing Times and Laws (Dies Domini), Which Commandments? (The Ten Commandments Project), Florida Fires
July 98
Istook Ammendment Fails In Contress, "Heavings of earth tell the vast wond'ring throng" (Earthquakes and Tornadoes), "Nations are angry, by this we do know" (Nuclear Proliferation), Disasters By Rail
June 98
The Power of James Dobson, The Next Pope, More School Violence, A New Era for Storms
May 98
Istook Ammendment Passes Judiciary Committee, School Yard Shootings, Killer Asteroids, The Counterfeit Revival
April 98
"Ye Shall Not Surely Die," Update On Religious Equality Ammendment, More Savage Weather, Political Corruption
March 98
The Pope Visits Cuba, Religious Right Gears Up for Legislative Assault, The Cattlemen's "Beef" About Oprah, Cloning of Humans Revisited
February 98
Peace and Safety, El Nino Rages On, Human Cloning, Teaching the Bible In the Public Schools, Hate Crimes
January 98
Prophecy In the News, Ralph Reed Drops "Non-Partisan" Mask, Fleeing To the Country, The "Jekyll and Hyde" Drug, Touched by Angels?
December 97
One World-One Market, Religious Right Sweep in Virginia, Ghost Hunter's Convention, New Evidence of Killer Beef
November 97
The Wrath of El Nino, Promise Keepers Come To Washington, Drinking To Death, Flesh Meat and Human Emotions
October 97
The Death of Privacy, The Virgin and the New Saint, The Rise of Religious Persecution, Dead Fish-Sick People
September 97
Co-Redeemer, Ecumenical Summer, The UPS Strike, E-coli Burgers

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