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Limit: one request per household each two weeks for material not previously requested. This offer can be changed or discontinued at any time.

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Books: (Please select only one from among the following three books.)
"Bible Readings for the Home"
"The Ministry of Healing - The Book of Health and Happiness" (Offered on the back cover of the "Radiant Living" magazine.)
"The Great Controversy" (Offered on the back cover of some magazines.)

"The Impending Conflict" CD (Offered on the "One Nation" flyer.)

Magazines: (We will honor requests for up to two from among the following. If you check both boxes in front of a title, we will send two copies of the same title.)

         "The Law of Liberty" - out of stock, no longer available
"America Superpower of Prophecy"
"A Time for Joy - A Day to Remember"
"Messengers of Light"
"A Love Stronger Than Death"
"Radiant Living - Simple Steps to Health and Happiness"
"Peace Above the Storm - Freedom from Worry, Guilt and Fear"
"We Have This Hope - Love's Joyful Reunion"
"Born Free -- Liberty: How Long?" (24 pages -- smaller than the other magazines)
"Shiloh -- The Blessed Hope" (16 pages -- smaller than the other magazines)
"Whispers of His Love"
"The Power of His Passion"
"Facing Life's Record" -- 16 pages
"The Clock of Time" -- 16 pages

When you have completed your selection, if you wish to mail the form in, please print the form and mail it to:

Project Restore, Inc.
P.O. Box 2000
Locust Dale, VA 22948

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