The Someone Cares set of Bible study guides

Someone cares about you enough to point the way to eternal happiness. Someone cares enough about you to explain why humans are and why there is suffering. Someone cares enough about you to help you be a help to others. Someone cares enough about you to help you have an abundant healthy life. Someone cared enough about you to pay the ultimate penalty of sin so you wouldn't have to.

That someone is God, God the Father and Jesus Christ, the anointed One, God's only-begotten Son.

These Bible study guides will take you step-by-step through many of the messages of the Scriptures that speak to us about who we are, what God is like, and how we should relate to Him. These study guides are presented with the hope that they will enrich your life, and help you to life without end.

At the present time, all of the 26 Bible guides are available for your study. Although a link is provided to each one, the series occasionally builds on a previous lesson, so you are encouraged to start at the beginning and study your way through. At some time in the future, we may have some quiz questions developed to help you test your understanding of the material presented. These guides are formatted as questions and answers with the answers being an appropriate Bible text. The Bible texts are usually followed by some further explanatory comments.

We are interested in your comments and suggestions. Our contact link can be found at the bottom of each study guide as well as elsewhere on this web site. It is our prayer that these study guides will be a blessing and challenge to many readers. Please note: while these study guides have existed in a paper leaflet format, they are now essentially out of print. Please click on one of the titles to begin.

Guide Number & Title Key Questions
1. Is The Bible God's Word What is faith? What evidence can we base faith on? What religious conditions does the Bible predict for the last days? How is faith to be developed?
2. How to Understand the Bible What does the Bible claim about itself? What did Jesus say was the basic theme of the Scriptures? What are six principles for studying the Bible?
3. How to Pray What did Jesus say should be included in prayers? When especially should we pray? What are conditions of answered prayer?
4. Satan - Our Enemy Where did Jesus say Satan came from? How did this world become involved in Satan's rebellion? How can we overcome Satan?
5. Jesus - Our Friend Where was Jesus before the world was formed? What did Jesus do in the beginning? Why did Jesus come to earth? Where is Jesus now?
6. The New Birth What is the "new birth?" What are the Bible steps to conversion? Is it possible to live a new life of righteousness, and if so, how?
7. Getting Started With Prophecy Has God revealed the future? What prophecies did Jesus mention? What was the prophet Daniel's first prophecy about?
8. Jesus Returns to Earth Did Jesus promise to return to earth? How will He come? What will happen to people when Jesus comes? What should we do to be ready?
9. The New-Covenant Ministry of Jesus What is Jesus' "new covenant" ministry? Where did the old covenant ministry happen, and what did it mean? How did the ten commandments fit it?
10. God's Court and the Judgement What court summons do we all have pending? Do we have to appear in person? On what basis will we be judged? Who is our lawyer and what does He do?
11. By What Standard Will We Be Judged? What is sin? What does Jesus' life example mean to us? Was Jesus really tempted like we are? Does motive make a difference?
12. The Sign of Allegiance to God How many of God's commandments can we safely disregard? Which commandment do many Christians disregard? What does the Bible say about this?
13. The Beast What is the beast? Why is God opposed to the beast? What did the Bible predict the beast would do to God's people? What call will God give to His people?
14. The Mark of the Beast What sign or mark reveals allegiance to God? Will the beast acknowledge God's authority? What identifies and marks the beast power?
15. Where Are the Dead? Where does the spirit go at death? What did Jesus call death? Where will the dead be at the time of the resurrection? What was the devil's first lie?
16. Would a God of Love Burn Sinners Forever? Are humans immortal? Will evil men suffer never-ending torment? Will all sinners receive the same punishment? What will happen to Satan in the fire of hell?
17. Our Redeemer - The Theme of Prophecy What did Jesus say was the theme of Old Testament prophecy? Was a specific time given in Scripture when Jesus would appear? Did Jesus "time" His great sacrifice?
18. When Will the Judgement Begin? Will God's people know and proclaim the time of the judgement? What is the meaning of the time periods in Daniel 8? What will happen when judgement is finished?
19. The Millenium When does the 1000 years begin? Where will the good people be during this time? Where will bad people be? What happens at the end of the 1000 years?
20. Elijah Returns Who was "Elijah" in Jesus' time? What message did Elijah give? Will the "Elijah" message come again near the time of Jesus' second coming? How will we know it?
21. God's People Identified Are God's people all literal descendents of Abraham? Can others become part of God's true Israel? Whare are the identifying marks of God's people?
22. Baptism What is baptism and what does it mean? Was Jesus baptized? Can baptism save people? What is given to those who are baptized?
23. Christ Cleanses the Temple When Jesus "cleaned" the temple, what did He do? Does the Bible say our bodies are temples? How can bodies be "cleansed?"
24. Preparing for Eternity What habits hinder one's preparation for eternity? Is God concerned about physical health? What attitudes tend toward health?
25. The Christian's Dress and Adornment How should Christian women dress? What trait of character was at the root of Lucifer's downfall? What kind of garment is to clothe God's people?
26. God's Treasurers Who owns the earth and everything in it? What attitude should we have about our daily physical needs? How does God want us to recognize His ultimate ownership?

The "Someone Cares" Bible study guide set is copyrighted by Maranatha Publishing Company, P.O. Box 630, Healesville Victoria 3777, Australia.

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