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Study Note

THE RISE OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE (additional note on Daniel 8:13)

This cosmic prophecy of Daniel 8:10, 14 has enormous meaning far beyond anything that we have noticed so far. As we consider the things that we see taking place in the world today, we will be astonished at how closely the past parallels with the present. When we give attention to the New World Order and its introduction by the United States of America, through the United Nations Organization, we will begin to see the final fulfillment of this prophecy.

Papal Rome’s power is about to be fully restored. The nations of the world are signing international treaties with the U.N. at an alarming rate. These treaties cover such things as the world’s economy, the environmental issues, law and order, human rights, political philosophy and ideologies, immigration, etc. How did Rome (pagan) come to power in the past?

South and east of the Tiber River near its outlet to the sea, developed a group of tribes known as the Latins. At first they occupied only a small plain less than thirty by forty miles in size. They called this plain, “Latium.”

No one in ancient Babylon would ever have guessed that such a small group would control the strongest empire ever to rule the world. As the Latins or Romans gained military victories, they began to grant a type of citizenship to their defeated foes, entitling them to protection by the Roman state and courts. This citizenship allowed them to carry on commerce and business, but did not give them the right to vote. These communities were called “allies.”

These allies in return placed their troops entirely at the disposal of Rome. Rome also annexed much foreign territory and scattered her own citizens in these Roman Colonies, or Satellite Nations throughout the territory of the allies. Eventually all of Italy was dotted with such communities made up of citizens of the Latin people.

The Roman senate by what the historian calls “clever statesmanship,” made political agreements, and with military conquests gained rulership of the world using the armed forces supplied by these other countries, but always under the training and discipline of Latin leaders through the Roman legions.

By the skillful “alliances” and annexations Rome did indeed have a “king of strong face,” who was indeed “skillful of intrigues.” Although his power was mighty it was not by his own power, but by the power of the armies of other nations brought under the discipline and control of Roman military leaders. Great numbers of the armies of Julius Caesar, and other Roman armies were from the Germanic tribes of Europe.

The Romans did indeed cause deceit to prosper in their hand. Their allies were forced to supply troops for the Roman legions. They had been allied to Rome, believing that this alliance would guarantee security, protection and the opportunity for increased commerce, and economic stability throughout the empire.

They were wooed into joining Rome by profession of “liberty” and the prospect of being part of a government without a king —“republican in form” —offering freedom from tyranny. After being forced to supply troops and being heavily taxed by the Romans, these allies yielded the bulk of the spoils from over three hundred military victories to Rome. Thus that city and the Latins were enriched to a lofty prosperity at the expense of the rest of the empire.

The Roman Caesar did indeed magnify himself —citizens were forced to acknowledge him as lord on pain of death, which occasioned the deaths of multitudes of Christians. (The emperor eventually became an oriental sun god officially called the “invincible sun” whose birthday was on the 25th of December.)

The Romans more than any other people to that time, did destroy the mighty and holy people; he was even to stand up against the “prince of the host”—it was the Roman government that not only condemned, scourged and crucified Jesus, but also attempted with Roman soldiers to prevent the resurrection. But its power was broken without hand. It was not taken over by another empire, but gradually went into a process of internal decay until its territory was divided by the barbarians. History testifies to the accuracy of the prophecy.

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