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Reasons for the “continuance in rebellion” mentioned in Daniel 8:13

Why did the little horn (Rome) destroy the mighty and holy people? Why did the Roman Empire persecute the Jews and Christians? First of all Christians abhorred the cruel, licentious heathen gods of the Romans. They shrank in abhorrence from their idolatrous worship, thus exciting the bitter hatred of the lovers of the licentious and idolatrous worship of heathenism. The pagan religions had given license to all manner of sensual indulgence. Thus the Roman populace was a cause of persecution.

Secondly, the priests and officials of the heathen religions in the Roman Empire who received their living and considerable wealth from these religions, stimulated the people still further to persecute and destroy Christians and Jews. Third, the refusal of Christians to recognize the supposed deity of the emperor, or to acknowledge any god except the God of Heaven brought severe persecution from the government of the Roman Empire.

What then really was the continuance in rebellion (the daily)? The heathen religions in the Roman Empire formed the real force behind the persecution and therefore heathenism or paganism is the continuance of rebellion.


The "continuance in rebellion" was the pagan heathen style of worship practiced within the Roman Empire.

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