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(The following study notes are quoted and adapted from Russell Burrill, The New World Order Seminars Unlimited, Keene, TX 76059, 1992. 187 pp. Click here for information on where to get this book.)


In like manner, the King of the South is introduced initially as one of the divisions of the Grecian Empire. Alexander the Great having died, his empire was then divided into four sections: North, South, East and West. The Southern section was referred to as the Egyptian division under the reign of Ptolemy, one of Alexander's four generals.

In 31 B.C. in the battle of Accius, Egypt was defeated and her territory became a province of the Roman Empire. Egypt is not mentioned again in prophecy as a major player until we enter the climax of the great struggle brought to view in Daniel 11.

Egypt's most notable time in history took place some fifteen hundred years before Christ, when Moses came before Pharaoh to request that he let God's people go from the bondage in which he had for so long held them. The reply given to Moses from Pharaoh gives some insight into his belief and philosophy of life. In that notable encounter, found in Exodus 5:1, 2, we are informed that Pharaoh was an atheist. He did not believe in the existence of God, neither would he obey and let the people go.

Throughout the Bible Egypt is a symbol of Atheism, and is the philosophy and ideology of the King of the South in Old Testament times. To be consistent with biblical analogy linking Egypt with atheistic philosophy, it would only be logical to expect that the next time that such a power reemerges in prophecy it would still be characterized by its atheistic philosophy.

It is generally agreed that during the French Revolution we see atheism reemerge as the power that attacked the medieval church of the Dark Ages—the Papacy. This revolution was primarily an attack on Catholicism for it was the predominant religion of the day.

The French Revolution was the result of centuries of persecution and cruelty, and eventually the nation of France rose up against the Papacy, killing thousands of its priests and nuns. Bibles were confiscated and burned along with all other religious material. So determined were the French that they rebelled against all religion and tried to establish atheism in its place.

In rejecting Romanism France rejected all religion with their leaders inaugurating the age of reason. Their efforts to destroy the Bible were not successful, for out of the ashes of this revolution the Bible has risen to worldwide distribution.

However, the philosophy of that revolution did not die, the seed had been sown and atheism was still alive in the hearts of the people until today it has developed into what we would call Communism. In the years that followed, the Communist philosophy made enormous inroads into many Catholic countries with a number renouncing their ties with the Church in order to follow this new ideal.

But as the prophecy states, Communism would not last, for the Papacy would recover from the deadly wound received in 1798. That recovery began when in 1801 a concordat was signed between Napoleon and the Papacy. From that time the Papacy decided on a program that would see it attain spiritual control of the world. She desired to be established once again as the Mother Church.

That was the beginning. Political power was returned to the Papacy in 1929 when Vatican State was established. Vatican City became a small but very significant city-state, under the control of no government on earth. It was a civil power in its own right. Newspapers reported this event as follows:

"Mussolini and Gaspari sign historic Roman Pact. . . . heal wound of many years." -San Francisco Chronicle, Tuesday, February 12, 1929, p. 1.

Today we are witnessing the restoration of the Papacy as a dominant world power, with many countries having established diplomatic ties with her, and America during the Reagan administration voting to send an ambassador to Rome to represent their interest at the Vatican.

How did Rome attack Communism and bring about its demise? Only in recent years have we begun to learn a little of Rome's secret plans for this event. The collapse of Communism actually began in Poland through the Solidarity Movement. Most people in the west did not realize that Solidarity was a child of the Papacy. Only through her influence did Solidarity gain a foothold in Poland.

". . . But the election of John Paul II, a Polish Pope in 1978 was the signal event, when he visited Poland in 1979 six million of his countrymen, a sixth of the population, turned out to see him. He proclaimed Christianity and Communism incompatible. The Church became the center of political protest in Poland.

"With the Pope's support, Solidarity was formed and John Paul II sent word to Moscow that if Soviet forces crushed Solidarity he would to go Poland and stand with his people. The Soviets were so alarmed they hatched a plot to kill him. In 1981 the Pope was shot by a professional killer in St. Peter's Square; miraculously he survived." Fred Barnes in Reader's Digest, March 1990, art. "Communism's Incredible Collapse —How It Happened."

This incredible event was just as the prophecy of Daniel 11:40 had predicted. The King of the North would come against the King of the South like a whirlwind. However, if the prophecy was to be totally correct Rome would not be the sole instigator, she would have an active accomplice —The United States of America and President Reagan.

"On June 7, 1982, Reagan and John Paul met for fifty minutes at the Vatican. During that conversation the plot was hatched to eliminate Communism. In that meeting, Reagan and the Pope agreed to undertake a clandestine campaign to hasten the dissolution of the Communist Empire, declares Richard Allen, Reagan's first National Security Advisor: 'This was one of the best kept secret alliances of all times.'" -Time, February 24, 1992, art. "The Holy Alliance."

A confederacy was formed between the U.S.A. and Rome, to bring about the demise of Communism. Rome was on the move, assisted by Protestant America. She is destined to rule the world.

"Until Solidarity's legal status was restored in 1989, it flourished underground, supplied, nurtured and advised largely by a network established under the auspices of Reagan and John Paul II. Tons of equipment —fax machines (the first in Poland), printing presses, transmitters, telephones, shortwave radios, video cameras, photocopiers, telex machines, computers, and word processors, were smuggled into Poland via channels established by priests and American agents and representatives of the AFL-CIO and European Labor Movements. -Ibid.

"The key administration players were all devout Roman Catholics —C.I.A. Chief William Casey, Allen, Clark, Haig, Walters and William Wilson, Reagan's first ambassador to the Vatican. They regarded the U.S.-Vatican relationship as a holy alliance: the moral force of the Pope and the teachings of the church combined with their fierce anticommunism, and their notion of American democracy. Yet the mission would have been impossible without the full support of Reagan, who believed fervently in both the benefits and the practical application of Washington's relationship with the Vatican. One of the earliest goals, as President Reagan says, was to recognize the Vatican as a State 'and make them an ally.'" -Ibid. p. 31.

Not only did Poland fall into the control of the Papacy, but the entire Communist bloc began to fall like dominoes. Even the might of Russia could not withstand the push for freedom that was sweeping through Europe. Even Mikhail Gorbachev recognized the role that the Pope played in the downfall of Eastern Europe.

"Now it can be said that everything which took place in Eastern Europe in recent years would have been impossible without the Pope's efforts and the enormous role, including the political role, which he played in the world arena. Pope John Paul II will play an enormous political role now that profound changes have occurred in European history." -Toronto Star, Canada, March 9, 1992, by Mikhail Gorbachev.

Now that Communism had given way to the Papacy, what are the aims of Rome today? We should not be deceived by the apparent gentleness with which she is wooing the western world today, for her aims are exactly the same as they were in the Dark Ages, total domination of the world.

After John Paul II was shot in St. Peter's Square and was convalescing, it was reported that he received a vision, the only vision of his pontificate. The information revealed to him concerned the messages received by three young children at the shrine of Our Lady of Fatima in 1917. It was this event that John Paul was commemorating when the attempt was made on his life.

After the vision the Pontiff requested that the messages received by the girls be brought to him. It is said that the messages contained vital information relating to the world agenda for the Catholic Church. Roman Catholic scholar and former Vatican insider Malachi Martin, in his recent book The Keys of This Blood, has some very interesting things to say, especially for students of prophecy. He says,

"In the final analysis, John Paul II is a geopolitician-pope who spent the first part of his pontificate establishing himself and his Holy See as authentic players in the millennium endgame, which, during the same period of time, has become the "only game in town" and in this last decade of the second millennium will absorb the energies, the efforts and the vital interests of the great powers in our world." The Keys of This Blood, pp. 638, 639.

"He is waiting, rather, for an event that will fission human history, splitting the immediate past from the oncoming future. It will be an event on public view in the skies, in the oceans, and on the continental landmasses of this planet. It will particularly involve our human sun, which every day lights up and shines upon the valleys, the mountains and the plains of this earth for our eyes. But on the day of this event, it will not appear merely as the master star of our so-called solar system. Rather, it will be seen as the circumambient glory of the Woman whom the apostle describes as 'clothed with the sun' and giving birth to 'a child who will rule the nations with a scepter of iron.'

"Fissioning it will be as an event, in John Paul's conviction of faith, for it will immediately nullify all the grand designs the nations are now forming and will introduce the Grand Design of man's Maker. John Paul's waiting and watching time will then be over. His ministry as the Servant of the Grand Design will then begin." -Ibid., p. 639.

What Malachi Martin is saying is that some miracle-working supernatural event will occur within the decade of the nineties that will unite the world and reject its present order of secular thinking. The Pope will then emerge as the leader of the "New World Order" in which the Church is in control of society as it was in the Dark Ages.

The Pope realizes that the foundation of a truly united Europe and a united world is Catholicism. However, he delays the issue, waiting for that supernatural event to occur, which will be seen as a signal not only to rule Europe but the whole world. That is why he is waiting.

"In Papa Wojtyla's outlook, therefore, the Grand Design of which he is the nominated Servant is the design of divine providence to recall men to the values that derive only from belief, from religion and from divine revelation. His is an unpleasant message and, for the moment, a thankless job. He has to warn his contemporaries of his conviction that human catastrophe on a world scale —according to his information —is impending.

"He has to admit that he, like everybody else, is in the dark as to when it will occur, although he does know some of the horrific details of that worldwide catastrophe. He knows also that it will not come without prior warning, but that only those already renewed in heart —and that would probably be a minority —will recognize it for what it is and make preparations for the tribulations that will follow.

"He also knows that these will start unexpectedly and be accompanied by overall confusion of minds and darkening of human understanding, and will result in the shattering of any plans for a "greater European space" and the mega-market plans for "greater Europe" and the "Pacific Rim." It will be the death and entombment of Leninist Marxism and the effective liquidation of the long —centuries-long —war that the forces of this civilized world have waged against the Church Christ founded and the religious belief of that Church. The battle between the Gospel and the anti-Gospel will be over. The other two major contenders in the millennium endgame will be eliminated." -Ibid., pp. 656, 657.

As Malachi Martin says, "The New World Order" will be dominated by the Papacy. Rome will have defeated the other two contenders, Russia, Communism and the West. He is halfway to his goal. Western philosophy as a dominating power will end with some supernatural event. This is such an accurate fulfillment of prophecy that one can only wonder at how quickly the rest will occur.

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