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(The following study notes are quoted and adapted from Russell Burrill, The New World Order Seminars Unlimited, Keene, TX 76059, 1992. 187 pp. Click here for information on where to get this book.)

The King of the North

The most dominant symbol throughout Daniel chapter 11 is that of the King of the North. Interestingly we have discovered that this symbol changes meanings as the chapter progresses. It begins as one of the divisions of the Grecian Empire, then is used to symbolize the Pagan Roman Empire, and emerges finally as the great apostasy that controlled the world through the medieval church of the Dark Ages.

In this symbolism we see a gigantic struggle going on behind the scenes. Down through the corridors of history this struggle has raged, until finally in Daniel 11 we are brought to the climax, showing powers and nations that the forces of evil are using in an effort to erase from the earth all knowledge of the One who created all things.

The Bible reveals that the God of heaven is the real King of the North and all others that are symbolized under that title are impostors. They have usurped the title in an effort to seize control and ownership of this world. All prophecy is given in order to expose the plans of those involved so that the inhabitants of planet earth may not perish.

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